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Our Background

Who are we

We are a team of 9 ambitious engineers that are keen on winning the 2019 RoboCup Rescue competition. The robot we aim to build will be able to go through a simulated situation of a natural disaster by going over the debris locating potential survivors while mapping the premises to easily the rescue team's mission. The robot will require a complicated locomotion system and a challenging programme that utilizes all the of sensors used to help find the survivors.


About the competition

"In the Rescue Robot League, robots search for several victims placed in a simulated field of a disaster site and discover and rescue them. These robots have mechanisms for both operator control and autonomous operation. They are also equipped with devices such as a camera, a temperature sensor, and a carbon dioxide sensor. Competitors are scored on various factors such as the number of obstacles the robot overcomes, the number of victims it finds, and the number of operators involved."- RoboCup Rescue Robot


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